Was she corrupted, slaying nature? Is it wrong to strive for might? This is the Story of Demon Slayer Lucilla

After the demon horde invaded her homeland and killed most of her town in the first assault, she swore to fight the enemy at any price.

She was still a kid, she couldn't know the price it takes to follow such a path.

The towns smith, Harberd took Lucilla and the most important belonings and flew to the woods where most demons stayed away from.

Demons had much respect for the magic powers of her homelands nature, the trees, bushes, animals - all didn't seem to like the demons which quickly infest and corrupt anything they touch.

Years of combat and training later she visited another settlements to get supplies.

On the street she met a stranger, his eyes were covered with a bandage. It seemed to her he was blind, but he still managed to walk the street with a cat's swiftness without bumping into other people.

She was curious and followed the man that was constantly babbling to himself like a possessed.

Finally he stopped to take a bite out of what seemed to be an rotting squirrel hanging from his waist.

"Good day old man, where are you heading?" she asked the man - "STAY AWAY CHILD! The woods here are cursed! Demons infested the Mother Tree, her blood is corrupted! Who slays her roots may enter the Pool of Natures pure Blood - It will grant you with infinite power!"... She made a decision.