Finally got around to taking some proper pics of my take on Abalám, Prince of Hell from Hera, there are some really awesome paint jobs on this model out there so I had a lot to live up to. Pretty happy with the final result on this one. Was pushing myself heavily by trying three light sources for the first time (although it's quite subtle). Also tried very hard to make the purple light coming from the rear the correct angle to make his head have sort of rim lit look when looking from the 'front' / 'prime' viewing angle. I think the DSLR pics do capture the look of the model in person nicely so I hope you'll like it :)

Also it's funny I never noticed it myself but I showed this model to my family and the first thing they said was "why did you paint the Night King Red?" quite amazing I never saw it before but makes me want to buy it again and paint it as a White Walker because it really could be very close to the Night King if painted that way (and I'm very surprised no one has done that yet!).