Hello everybody!
I present to you a new job - a bust of the Soviet pilot fighter 1943-1945. During the creation of the bust, he was inspired by photographs and portraits of Soviet pilots, such as Nikolai Gulayev, Alexander Pokryshkin, as well as the best in terms of Soviet ace Ivan Kozhedub. The most successful fighter pilot in Allied aviation (64 victories and was never shot down by the enemy)
The bust has a scale of 1/10.
To release this bust in the flight the already known company Medieval Forge Miniatures

I hope you will like it! Enjoy watching!
  • Vasily Orlov

    Золото! Поддерживаю отличную работу!

    • Nik Ableev


  • Evgeny Rimul

    Прекрасная работа!

    • Nik Ableev


  • NateZhang

    nice sculpted!

    • Nik Ableev

      Thanks for your feedback!

  • Bran

    You have a lot of talent

  • Marc MussatPLUS

    great bust ! gold !