++ Incomming transmission detected ++
++ Secure transmission established – Code: Inq-Ev-Alpha Tango Ekko. ++
++ Origin: Imperial inquisitional freighter II-225 ++
++ Mission classification: Officio assassinorum ++
++ Asset classification: Eversor ++
++ Designation: Carrying cargo for mechanicum test facility. ++
++ Destination: planet Lectio-47 ++
++ Transmission start: ++
++ Transmission 1 received: “Status report: Technical malfunction during warp translation. Eminent failure of cargo containment.” ++
++ Transmission 2 received: “Status report: Forced re-entry into realspace. Cargo containment systems experienced critical failure. Re-routing all available personnel in attempt to contain subject.” ++
++ Transmission 3 received: “Status report: Unable to contain target subject. Bridge has been sealed. In need if immediate assistance.” ++
++ Transmission end. ++

Administratum note: Contact with Imperial Inquisitorial freighter II-225 lost. Launching search party. Note: Use extreme caution. Assistance of Astra Militarum is adviced.

A giant thank you to everyone helping me, especially Tue and Steffen.