This is my first big project of Dragon Queen. This statue is inspired by Jurassic Park, books like
Game of Thrones and old stories of princesses and a dragon.
There is quite a bit of symbolism in this statue, for instance main character The queen has classic "wonder woman" pose that symbioses her strong and independent character, in other example you can find that Dragon is stepping on destroyed head of marble statue...
The main composition is golden ratio looking from the front of the statue, it starts from the bottom and centers on Queens face.
There are also few dynamics that drive the statue, snake like shape of the dragon is ready to strike and almost in motion, this contrast directly with Queen she stands firm and strong. Her gesture and position of dragons head opens the statue and gives a bit of breathing room.
There is also a bit of contrast in details on the statue, Dragon is almost all covered in spikes, and when you look at our main character she is less detailed to let viewers eyes rest and have a sense asylum and focus.
There is more to say about this statue, but most of all i would love for others to see it and have their own view on it
This statue is design for painters and collectors, you can find more information at