Hi !
This bust sculpted for SK Miniatures & Figure International Magazine.
I want to express old warrior stand in his last battlefield.
I use Sculpey and epoxy and plastic rod for Arrows.
Many Thanks !
  • Philip PrinzPLUS

    When I saw this bust in FIM it instantly got me. It will definitely see my brush.
    So much character in his face. Truly and old experienced warrior. Awesome job Greeny!

    • greeny Ahn

      Thanks Philip .
      I wish to see your painting on him !!

  • Conrad Mynett

    Looks excellent, I really like it when the face has so much character.  I’ll have to check Kirtley’s stand at Figure World.

    • greeny Ahn

      Thanks Conrad !
      I sculpted one more to SK Miniatures before Mongol warrior.
      Steve may be released both.
      when it released , I will post it ;-)

  • Milosh Meehan

    incredible sculpture, I must have this wonderful bust.

    • greeny Ahn

      Thanks Milosh and I hope to see your version of Mongol. I like your wonderful paint !

  • DavidZabrocki

    Such character!  Lovely sculpt Greeny

    • greeny Ahn

      It’s my honor to love it David !
      I’m your big fan ! your sculpting amazing
      Thanks my friend !

  • Martin "Kellerkind" Hille

    Whow, what a face!!! Fantastic work.

    • greeny Ahn

      Thanks Martin
      I also like your wonderful works!
      especially, Erik the red and his wife, I first saw in planetfigure, it catched my mind at once !

  • Archontis Kitsios

    Excellent sculpt!