Breaking the silence of the deserted city, The heavy and grave sound of the Horologium brought back to reality Brother Gaius, whose mind was wandering to forget waiting.

For an hour now, the Space Marine guarded the ruins of the Assimularum in which the sergeant of his unit, Peraverus Fades, was talking to Technopriest Bellesius in the greatest secrecy.

The tranquility of the place was suddenly interrupted by the jolts of Microvox's armor: a distorted and incomplete message, interspersed with the sizzling noise of bolters and cries of terror, reached the ears of the Space Marine. The crew of the Storm Eagle, just two clicks from here, suffered heavy losses from a Xenos assault as fast as unexpected...

Sergeant Fades unreachable, Brother Gaius decided to follow his instinct. If he wanted to survive and save his unit, he had to move, and quickly. He disarmed the safety of his Bolter, shifted the power of the armor to his lower limbs, and left at a steady pace to join his companions. "The Emperor protects," he repeated to himself to find the strength to advance. "The emperor protects".