Commissioned kit. Client sent me her kit to have me paint it to her specifics. Requested to have a custom toned pink shade along with pink shadowing for her white fabric parts. In addition to a custom hair tone compared to the official artwork and anime styles, it is more of a pale blonde with peach / brown tones (though my camera is hard to pick this color up without being super yellow) I can only go on words, haha! The base is completely custom. The strawberries I purchased and everything else is hand made by me, also used silicone to freehand the decorations and a needle bottle to make the chocolate zag details. Tedious work and a few trial and errors but it worked out in the end =) The whisk was also made completely from scratch. Took about 7 attempts trying different wires that were uncoated so I could solder them, kinda worked and didn't work, so I used precolored hotglue for a chocolate effect. Carefully heat with a lighter to evenly distribute the color and level the glue without burning it. The handle was made (wait for it!) the end of a paint brush, bwahahaha! The things I find right? Hahah!

More info in the link below!