The current Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes, all in red and gold. I decided to do this model in the modern style of NMM. To do this, I looked at many works of Michal Pisarski (aka Lan) and his followers as refs. For the basis of the color scheme, I took the one that was used by Lan to paint Ixion Hale, but gradually I replaced all the paints with others and added orange in the shadows.

The fact is that for my taste absolutely matte paints are not very well suited for NMM, because IMHO the lack of gloss a bit spoils the feeling of NMM, if we consider the model live (not in the glass cabinet).

Therefore, I used the colors of Pacific88 for the gold NMM, and I made rags based on Andrea and Scalecolor paints, since in this case the matt is a plus.

Separately, I want to note that I really liked the process of painting the lion head, since it is fairly well sculpted and also has a smooth texture. So it was a pleasure to paint it.

In general, I really liked to paint Custodes, so that next year I plan to do several similar works with other heroes and/or dreadnoughts especially if there will be another Golden Demon Europe