I paint this bust some yaers ago ... During the battle of the Somme a young british officer was impressed by the will and the courage of the tommies. They went to front with courage to a very probable death. These men, these anonimous heroes give him examples when he decided to write the world he has in mind. This officer was Tolkien and I'd like to think, I paint the ancestor Samwise.

For me this bust belongs to history and fantasy !

Painted with acrylics, cofee,brush, fun and good -epic- music

Painting british uniform is quite boring so I painted my version of SuperMario after this one ...

I hope you like it and you can also leave a comment ... even if you like it

thanks by adavnce
  • Serge

    c’est un bien buste ... il vaut de l’or…

  • Serge

    c’est un bien beau buste ... il vaut de l’or…

  • Marc MussatPLUS

    je me souviens de ce buste ! golden vote :) !

    • Laurent Aubry aka Pisco

      Salut Marc,
      J’ai hésité à le mettre car je trouve que la peinture date un peu par rapport à mes envies de carnation actuelle mais c’est représentatif de ce que je fais ..
      Encore un buste que je referai volontiers ... Pour le bicentenaire de la WWI peut être ... ;)
      Merci à toi et à samedi certainement