Brom’s Last Stand
Brom’s Last Stand
Brom’s Last Stand
Brom’s Last Stand
I love this sculpt from Latorre's old Enigma line, so much character to it. The details brought a story to my mind...

For over a week now he's been pursued by the goblin horde. He's fought them off again and again, trying to escape to safety. Only a little farther to go. If he could just make it across the bridge, he'd be out of their reach. As he came to the top of the trail his heart sank. Had they gotten here before he did or was it just bad luck? Doesn't matter now. No more running. All that's left is to turn around and take as many of them with him as possible.
  • Derek Clark (fluid_art)PLUS

    Excellent job with the base telling a story. Hope you bring this to CB, even if you don’t enter it, I’d love to see it up close.

    • David Powell

      Thanks, Derek.  I’m hoping to bring him, just got to make sure there’s room in the case!

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Beautiful work, David!

  • Bran

    Very beautiful staging with the base telling a story. I like.

  • Steve Garcia

    Great piece. Congrats. Gold

  • Thomas 'CriioKustom' DathPLUS

    Great job, it’s looking awesome! Gold