The last bust I painted. I got a Bronze in Standard Fantasy in MSS2018, so super happy because that was a truly tough year, with an incredible level. Although I am still proud of what I achieved on this piece, I can also see its many flaws, so already moving forward onto new and exciting projects!

I hope I could capture this amazing contrast between the lovely innocent red riding hood, and the fact she is holding the head of that incautious wolf that dared to confront her. Lovely story...

As usual, all the comments and criticisms are more than welcome, and thousands of thanks for them!
  • Rhiana, "Cyradis"

    She’s wonderful. I really like how you have the overall feel of the figure consistent across it, especially with the stylized brush marks. It is pleasingly unique; she seems like she stepped out of a canvas. And geez, that face? Damn good!

    • Luis Salamanca "Herald"

      Wow Rhiana, thank you so much for your extremely kind comment, I feel overwhelmed by your words. Indeed, I also feel quite proud of that face, as it is not easy to reach neat results on female faces. Though there are a few things I would change nowadays, I still believe it was a step forward in my painting, so quite glad for the time invested on this fantastic piece. And well, that comment about the canvas, I truly feel honoured! Thank you so much again Rhiana!

  • David KuehnPLUS

    Wow, Luis. How haven’t I seen this? Lovely painting - especially the face! So lively and full of interest. Love it!

    • Luis Salamanca "Herald"

      Hi David! Sorry for missing this comment for so long!! And obviously, thank you so much for your it! I really appreciate you like it, it was an interesting piece as women faces are always challenging, and also in this one I wanted to do at least an easy freehand, and it turned out more or less ok. So thanks for the recognition! Cheers mate!