Bill Sikes
Bill Sikes
Bill Sikes
Bill Sikes
This figure by Miniatures Fortes was pure joy. Even the dog which I originally didn't want to paint. Fantastic sculpt and great to paint in zenithal light.

The scene is supposed to be rainy, but I think the photos didn't capture it very well.
  • D@nny _

    I like the color tones here…good job-))

  • Goetz Siepmann

    Turned out very well Philip, the rain marks are cool!

  • Philip PrinzPLUS

    Thanks a lot. It’s really encouraging to hear that from you guys!

  • lucaolivieri

    ... Very good version ciao from Luca

  • Jakob VPLUS

    Sorry, I don’t see the rain marks, but the feel of the model is great.