230718 In memory and hope.

On 23 July 2018 at 13:00 Eastern European Time, a wildfire started west of Athens near Kineta. A few hours later, a second wildfire started burning at the north of Athens near Penteli. Due to very strong wind gusts in the area both wildfires spread quickly which were up to 124 km/h, 77 mph, 12 Beaufort. The fire in Kineta burned houses in the area, while the fire in Penteli headed east towards the beach, where it started burning parts of Neos Voutzas, Mati and Kokkino Limanaki just north of the town of Rafina and as far as its northern fringes.The flames were so intense that they trapped and burned people inside their houses, cars, or a few metres away from the beach. Thousands of vehicles and houses were destroyed before the fire was brought under control hours later.

Blue is the color of the sky. It symbolizes tranquility, harmony, morality, pure thought, logical behavior, purity of the soul, seriousness, responsibility, knowledge, trust.
White rose represents the new beginning, spirituality, honesty, understanding and innocence.

figure is "Marie Fleur", sculpted by Benedikt Sedlmair.
  • Theodoros Giannakopoulos

    Αλέξη οι δημιουργίες σου είναι αληθινά καλλιτεχνικές, ποιητικές θα μπορούσα να πω και οπωσδήποτε ξεχωριστές στο χώρο μας. Χρυσό, τόσο για την έμπνευση όσο και για την εκτέλεση του project.

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