I haven't touched a tank in years, because I lost the hobby aspect over working on commission armies. In fact, very little was painted for myself in a rather long time. A small local competition gave me the excuse and motivation I had sought after so long.

In the end, all my plans for a big diorama with infantry and horses were eaten by my working schedule and the day before the contest, I hadn't even built or primed anything.

But I am very happy about that fact! In the end, I decided to throw all plans overboard, just get started and do something. And then it developed a life and will of its own, which was very refreshing and a state of mind I missed without realizing it.
The model was build and painted in one session, through the night and into a new day. Taking away the waiting for layers to dry, maybe 4 or 5 hours went into it, so I think it classifies as a speedpaint.

The scene itself expresses the things that,in my opinion, mark our impact on our world, the nature surrounding us and also to our own fellow humans. I always loved Warhammer for being an honest, dirty and in my opinion realistic approach to our far future, should we make it there. We destroy, we waste and we war over territories, believes and imagined offences. We used weapons that laid entire landscapes to waste, leaving nothing but dust and mud unable to sustain further life, thus turning victories to bitter ash. That's basically what counts as victory in the Imperium. A grimdark exaggerated parody.