Spinning through the darkness of space. Lifeless…
Click. Click. Whirrrr. The crimson orbs in his chest glowed and sprang to life, burning off the frost of millennia.
Click. He had but moments to act. He knew what to do.
Click. Whirrrr. The fourth dimension revealed itself. He could see it. Time and space. Simultaneously.
There. A pin-point. A burning prick of light in the murky twilight.
Click. Click… Closer…
Whirr…chchuggggg. That old familiar sound. The orbs were already failing.
Chuggggggg. He reached out and snatched the tiny star. Examined it in his mind.
Chuggggggggg. Yes, this confirmed it. The perfect new power source.
Hggggggggggggg. The orbs sputtered. Seconds of consciousness precariously balanced with centuries of sleep. The cycles had become longer and his time shorter.
Ggggggggggggggg. The subtlest of adjustments. A course correction of a fraction of a degree, but it pointed him directly at that far away star.
Gg..ggggg.... hisssssss. The orbs surrendered and retreated back to their familiar clouded state.
His lip curled. A smirk. A badge of his confidence, frozen in time for precisely none to behold.