Build commenced 2013 Completed August 2018
Here is the Tamiya Sdkfz9 Famo and Sd ah116 Trailer with the Dragon Panzer 3 F
An 18 year old model, one of the largest vehicle models in the collection and a burning desire to build the transporter depicted in 1940 retrieving a damaged Panzer 3. A build which took way longer then anticipated to complete.
The Famo and trailer have been upgraded with Aber and Eduard external etch sets with fine wire used for the airline and electrical cables.
The Famo Tilts(Resin Canvass covers) had been supplied by Cromwell Models.
Fruil white metal tracks had been used on the Famo and Panzer 3.
Tank Workshop supplied the resin Tyres for the Famo and trailer.
All of the crew members are built straight out of the box with the heads and hands supplied by Hornet.
Oil Paints had been used on the crew members faces and hands with Vallejo Acrylics for the uniforms.
Figure uniform decals supplied by Tamiya.
MIG Ammo acrylics, washes and weathering powders have been used on the Famo and trailer.
The Dragon Panzer 3 has received a complete internal fitout of Verlinden engine and fighting compartment detail set.
Aber external etch fenders track tools and smoke grenades chains have been used.
Painted in Humbrol enamels and weathered with Mig washes and weathering Powders.

I hope you like the end result.