Here is my latest finished project.
Around 450 hours in 5 weeks of hard work, all sculpted in Super Sculpey firm, Uro (Thanks again to Tue Kaae for showing me this stuff), Super Sculpey Soft and Fimo.

The theme of this work is, in my opinion, not the fight of a rotting undead giant against a wood elf. My interpretation is about mankind and nature, how greed can destroy every aspect of nature and invade a world that existed long before mankind even existed. See the giant as a incarnation of mankind and maybe you see the project in the same way that I do. Not as a fight of death against life (that's what I tried to show in a visual way), but mankind's cruel antic against nature.

I hope you like this project, be sure to check on Massive Voodoo for a series of work in progress articles!

Best wishes,