This is a Big Child´s painting commission for Neko Galaxy miniatures.
It was really fun to paint due to the thematic, which I personally love and the freedom for the painting scheme, that allows to me to introduces several artistic concepts like casted shadows and differents sources of lights.
I hope that you like the result!
  • Jesús Gómez

    Muy bueno Ruben, me gusta mucho el ambiente y la interpretación en los materiales.

    • Ruben_Martinez

      Gracias Jesús, puse mucha atención en esas cosas, así que me alegra saber que te ha gustado.

  • Francesco "Franciuus" FarabiPLUS

    aaaaaaaaaaahhh Rubeeeeeeeen!!!!!! You alway amaze me… i love you and hate a bit :D (gold and editor for sure)

    • Ruben_Martinez

      Thanks Francesco. It’s always a pleasure for me to hear those things from such great artist and better person like you. Big hugs!

  • DavidColwellPLUS

    I am stupidly in love with this! So darn good!  I really can’t wait to paint my one of this!

  • Ruben_Martinez

    Thanks to all for all your comments. I appreciate those ones and keep me in this way