This is the first project I tackled after returning from a three day class with Roman Lappat last September (2018). I tried to incorporate some of the things I learned in his class on this piece. This is also the first time I tried to paint "OSL" in a piece. Already, I think I would have done some things differently, but I'm proud of this one for where I was in my artistic journey. I continue learning and focusing on happy painting.

I sculpted the tentacles from Milliput. The door and flooring were pieces I found in a box of parts and put to good use. The weasel was from a Reaper Bones familiar pack I believe and the wizard is Luwin Phost from Reaper miniatures.
  • Martin Vermeulen (Nighthawk)

    I really like the D&D atmosphere of this piece a lot! (the OSL is not very apparent, more contrast is needed) Good original work, I like it!

    • John Cordiano

      Thank you, Martin! I really appreciate the comments and critique. Yes, I agree wholeheartedly that I need to push the contrast more. The shadows deeper perhaps. Thanks again!