Archer from Altores Studio sculpted by Alexander Deryabin. Painted as an exercise in depicting cloth and leather textures and sheer/translucent drapery and attempting to follow other published examples of the bust (e.g. version from Marina 'Ringil' Aynagoz). Basing was cast from clear styrene resin from a 3D printed model of water ripples distorted to fit the figure. Special thanks to David Colwell and my original figure painting teacher Trent Denison for photography taken during the Crystal Dragon show in Australia.
  • Bran

    The effect of transparency is well done, it is a beautiful painting.

    • Josh_Underhill

      Thank you very much Bran! It was a lot of fun to paint and attempt to combine techniques for cloth texture with sheerness.

  • Herman aka Glitterwolf


  • Alexander Deryabin (Zippo)

    Excellent performance of wet transparent fabric! My congratulations!

    • Josh_Underhill

      Thank-you Alexander for your kind words! I’m particularly happy that you like it. It’s a great sculpt which I knew I wanted to paint as soon as I saw it. Aside from the classical wet drapery which is always cool I like the pose and attitude, and the drama of the single arrow left in the quiver. To me she looks very still yet focused as if trying to nock her arrow and take a shot without alerting or taking her eyes off her quarry (or foe?). Great fun and very rewarding to paint.

  • Trent "BigDeno" Denison

    Technically David and I both took the photos, but sure, don’t give me credit

    • Josh_Underhill

      Haha sorry Deno… That is correct now I think about it..I just remember working on it right up to the show deadline, or at least last photos and hassling David to take more angles before he packed up. Description edited..

  • Alex ✍

    Love it ❤️

  • Darren_Han

    very nice transparent effect!

  • John Delamere

    Great work getting the wet look of the fabric!