Alien Pile
Alien Pile
I tried to capture the "movie magic" look of the aliens by painting strong blue/green hues on raised surfaces ... hopefully, this increases the mood of the piece. :)

The dome on the top alien was cast in clear resin ... that's why you can see the detail so well on the close-up. Painting the other "non-clear" domes to have the same "feel" as this one was one of the greater challenges of the project.
  • D@nny _

    Great job on this one…

    • Jim Jackson

      Thanks so much ... one of my favorite sculpts in the world (by the masterful hands of Takayuki Takeya)

  • John Tolcher

    This is an amazing piece, really capture the look of the original movie aliens.

    • Jim Jackson

      Thank you ... I tried to be a more bold with the OSL than I’d ever been before ... encourages me to try it again :)

  • Adrian Tyrakowski

    Its one of best (if not best) project on P&P!

    • Jim Jackson

      Wow! Thanks so much for the super-kind words!! There are SO many ridiculously good pieces here, I’m really at a loss for words. Thanks again.

  • Oliver Posvek (Colouristo)

    Your alien style is fantastic!

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    You’ve succeeded greatly in what you were trying to achieve.

  • JensRosenbaum "Didgman"

    Hy Jim this piece looks so awesome , really like the way you painted it ,cause it is like the original H.R. Giger style.