He might as well be known as The Wanderer. A strange figure that showed his face, but once in an age... A figure that they were glad to see disappear, they had stabbed him once before, they sent him into the desert lands. And the desert people dismayed his company as well and he was sent back.

So he lurks...And he sharpens his sword and tongue, and practices his barbs and thrusts.

The voice of wisdom sits mute on his shoulder.

Australians will know which political figure this strongly resembles.
  • NateZhang

    great job!

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    Gold medal for you efforts. Incredible.

  • Bran

    Your painting transcribes a strange atmosphere ... the skin is beautiful, the sword and the tattoo also, the owl is well seen because it gives a peaceful character to this man tormented ... It is very beautiful, very sought after, I love your approach.