Started this piece in KAHA's class at Crystal Dragon. The initial plan changed a lot, I was using mixtures of Liquitex fluro colours, but when I got home my Kimera Kolors had arrived and I quickly grew to love the strength of those pigments.

Anyway as sea life is generally quite colourful I cut loose and painted fully saturated. Not something I usually do, but in this case it was quite fun.

3d print was printed by David Higgins, who had to be the champ of Crystal Dragon (outside of judging and organising).
He turned up with hundreds of prints and sold them cheaply.
  • Dani DarkmetalPLUS

    Beautiful colors.

  • Conrad Mynett

    Great atmosphere, I found this such a tricky piece with all the different textures.  And really like the complimentaty work on the plinth.

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"