Knights of the Iron Cross
Knights of the Iron Cross
Darius Miniatures Tiger 1 wedgie, with added detailing and figures by Alpine and Mantis Miniatures with extra detailing and slightly converted.
  • Juanma Vergara

    A perfect job!

    I love the detail of the Iron Cross.

  • Carlos'FigureArt'Startin

    Thanks for your feedback buddy !

  • spartan71

    I like it!!Well done!

  • Jim Jackson

    I really like all of the various “whites” in the scene ... it’s not an easy color to paint and you’ve given all the various shades a lot of character

  • Carlos'FigureArt'Startin

    Spartan, Stefano and Jim thanks a bunch guys ! A great compliment from such talented artists !

  • Alberto66

    Great work