This little fellow went off my workbench a few days ago; it was done in oils over an acrylic basecoat.
  • Carlos'FigureArt'Startin

    A great piece ! Love the choice of colours and hair ! Great to see another oil paint user ; )

    • Goetz Siepmann

      Thanks Carl! Oils rule (at least for me) :))

  • Melanie

    Those eyes are perfect.

    • Goetz Siepmann

      Thanks Melanie, their painting was quite funny as I normally do NOT like to paint eyes…

  • D@nny _

    Yeah great work,do not stare too long in these eyes because you become hypnotized…. :-D

    • Carlos'FigureArt'Startin

      The eyes rock ! I forgot to mention these ...

      Maybe one day we can swap oil paint mixes ?! ; )

      Keep up the great works

    • Goetz Siepmann

      Thanks Danny, do you know “Kaa” from the junglebook? That was my inspiring example… :)))

  • Goetz Siepmann

    Thanks again Carl; I had the same idea about changing oil mixes…
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