I enjoyed painting this even if it did take me along time. Possibly the kit was bit to advanced for my
level at the time. I tried to capture her lust for life in the painting, choosing to depict her with cold ceramic flesh to push contrast between her and the living flower.
  • Marc MussatPLUS

    A jewel ! Love it ! Gold !

  • Nemo

    at last! The printing of the chest is highlighting the womanhood. Stylish and heavy

  • Claudia Kirchner (Hyony)

    Great job and I just love the Pusheen shirt ❤

    • Matty Pearce

      Thank you so much Claudia :)

  • Steve Haydon (Forté)

    Have you seriously only just posted your K0-Hana!

    • Matty Pearce

      Haha I know ! Sorry man

  • pstockley

    The Pusheen shirt is a nice touch

  • Bran

    Superb achievement !!

    • Matty Pearce

      Thank you Bran I’m really happy to have your feedback !

  • Mally Anderson

    Superb version of your own creation, still my favourite

    • Matty Pearce

      Thank you my friend , much appreciated for your kind words :)

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Amazing concept and material and color choices!

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Editor’s choice from my end!

    • Matty Pearce

      Wow well thank you that is a lovely compliment. Md emu Monday that much more bearable lol

  • RUSTO art and craft show Fabrizio Russo

    Great! I love your color choice and paint solutions.

  • ricktaylor

    Beautiful work Matty.. Excellent paint job

    • Matty Pearce

      Thank you master Rick :)

  • Chris "D.Vader" SuhrePLUS

    Fantastic work Matty.

  • Gerry Larkin

    Really Nice Matty and even better in real life   top painting Mate

    • Matty Pearce

      Thank you very much :)

  • Jakob VPLUS

    Really incredible!

    • Matty Pearce

      Thank you very much :)

  • Maya

    So amazing. Wonderful work!

  • Tim

    Bit late to the party but it’s a gold all day long

    • Matty Pearce

      Haha no worries . Thank you sir :)

  • Kilsh

    Very nice Matty! Gold