Jean I de Beaumont-Gâtinais. 1190-1256.

Lord of Coubron, Villemomble and Clichy-la-Garenne.
Second son of Adam I.
Brother of Adam II.

He was the Great Chamberlain of France between 1240 and 1255. In 1240 he led the French army in Languedoc to quell the revolt of Raimond II Trencavel and came to the rescue of Seneschal Guillaume Des Ormes besieged in Carcassonne. In 1247 he participated in 7th Crusade to Egypt.

England 1216 (Took a part in England Campaign with Louis VIII
"le lion" de France in 1216-1217)
Carcassonne 1240
7° croisade

Historical info and heraldic based on

Painted by Victor Osipenko, Acrylic, and Oil.