Over 300 hours worth of work on these, not my biggest project but it was my most time consuming. Had so much fun with this project! Keep in mind this is based on aliens who have corrupted former human miners. They don't care if their bikes look neat and clean, they don't bathe, all they do year after year is look to kill for their cult! This is exactly how I imagined them.

For clarity CLICK ON IMAGES!!!!
  • Francesco Thau

    Super Gold!

  • Theren "Canny" Williams

    Awesome work buddy!

  • gino2dope poppe

    Pure gold dude!!!


  • girlpainter57

    Great sense of movement

  • Bran

    Many very well thought out and realized details, a pleasure to look at like many of your paintings….

  • Laurent Exposito Mas

    Such an ambience ! Gold !

  • Chris / g0rb

    This is gorgeous! The amount of work you put into this really shows, every detail paid full attention to.
    If this is the dystopian future we are heading to, at least it will be beautiful :)

  • Stavros Zouliatis

    Excellent work John, congrats mate , gold and fav !!! :)

  • Marc MussatPLUS

    great job !

  • Andrey Miroshnichenko

    Great! Gold!

  • Sébastien "BoarWorkshop"

    Love your weathering and painting touch

  • Gabriele Leni


  • Andreu "Morglum Minis"

    Nice work!

  • pit rehmke

    Hello John,
    thank you for your so good opinion for me.

  • pit rehmke

    Hello John,
    I always admire how one can do such painting work in such a small mast.

  • WojciechBober72