Esthel from Nocturna. This was painted as a swap for a Romero the Cat bust with another figure painter (Kara Nash), with the idea that we would only post B&W final contrast checks as WIP posts on Bust@ and wouldn't know what colours had been used until each respective piece was received in the post. For me this was an experiment with painting purple-yellow skin tones and trying to depict satin like cloth. Originally I had planned to make her very dark-cool with black hair but as painting progressed I started to prefer the idea of a pale grey-white hair.
  • Christophe Salesse

    Beautifull work!

  • girlpainter57

    the skin as worked wonderful ,a impid

    • Josh_Underhill

      Thank you, I was fairly happy with it although It’s come out a little more yellow than it actually looks in these photographs

  • Alex ✍

    Great job! Love it ❤️

    • Josh_Underhill

      Thanks Alex! I’m a big fan of your Scary Encounter and other work :)

  • Bran

    Josh, I think a pale gray-white hair is a good choice for this bust. I see a yellow enough in the mix of color that you used to make the skin, I will not have thought of using this tone, but again, it is a good choice… That gives a beautiful appearance to the face. Well done !!

    • Josh_Underhill

      Thanks Bran, I’m glad you appreciate it. As mentioned I had planned to paint a very dark hair but seeing the light grey primer on the unpainted hair alongside the skin and dress during the early stages caused me to change my mind.

  • Xavi333

    Really “gold”!!!

  • Pierre Balmette

    Very nice version, nice choice of soft tones that suits her face very well. Very delicate, love it! Gold

  • John Delamere

    The light and shading are incredible.