HI, painted Soma as a boxart for Nekogalaxy, really great and clean figure to paint, I tried to paint it as close as possible to the artwork...
Hope you like her!
  • Trent "BigDeno" Denison

    Incredible piece. You are one of my favourite artists out there!

  • Jakob VPLUS

    Wonderful work, dude! Incredible details and gorgeous colours. Seem very fresh and known from you at the same time.

  • Blast Model

    cool work

  • NateZhang


  • Alex ✍

    Great work!

  • Per "Dirty" Nilsson

    Muy bien my man. A pleasure to look at

  • Krzysztof "REDAV" Kobalczyk

    Very cool work my friend and she is very similar to the original artwork. Congrats.

  • Theren "Canny" Williams

    Very Cool, Great colour combo’s and brush work :)

  • Yannick Degiovanni

    Nice paint, and nice light !