Nabila - Desert warrior
Nabila - Desert warrior
Sculptor : Romain Van Den Bogaerth
Scale: 54 mm
Manufacturer: Durendal
Translation : Mathieu Benguettat

A princess from a sun burned land is born under the tools of the skilled Romain von den Bogaert.
I’d never realised an ethnical paint job, which is a weird thing when you know my feelings about the cultures of the world.

This model wears perfectly its name. Nabila is an African female first name translating the highness, the power of the personality… and indeed the figure doesn’t lacks of character. I nevertheless used my skill to reduce its charisma, in particular by the painting of the face and the tenacity of the figure. As shown by the etymology of the first name, Nabila is an emotional and hypersensitive woman, even if it does not appear on the first sight.
However many versions are possible, because on which planet does she live?
What a pleasure to prepare a resin cast model, compared to a white metal one. The cleaning is fast, surface are smooth, mounting and roding are easy…. I won’t come back on these steps, mainly described in other articles, in particular the one of Jean-François Pierre about its Ombrian Warrior in the last number of the magazine. I’ll essentially deal with two particularity of the figure: le base and the African skin tone.