Buste de GURKA THE RED pour la série LeBeN Models.
Tirage résine en série limitée à 250 - Echelle : 1/10 - 10 cm de hauteur.

Quel plaisir d'avoir peint cet Orc. Et oui, il est "vert". J'ai pourtant eu de nombreuses idées pour la couleur de sa peau. Mais finalement le "vert " est une couleur ravissante pour ces créatures ;-)
Je n'ai pas la recette en tête et comme à mon habitude, la multitude de lavis, dégradés, lavis, encore dégradés, marques d'acryliques etc. fait que je serai bien incapable de refaire la même.

Sculpture originale : Allan CARRASCO
Concept & Peinture originale : Benoit MENARD

Bust Gurka THE RED for Leben Models series.
Resin print limited to 250 series - Scale: 1/10 - 10 cm.

What a pleasure to have painted this Orc. And yes, it is "green". But I have had many ideas for the color of his skin. But eventually the "green" is a lovely color for these creatures;-)
I do not have the recipe in my head and as usual, many washes, degraded, wash, even degraded, acrylics etc. brands. that I shall be unable to do the same.

Original Sculpture: Allan CARRASCO
Concept & Original painting: Benoit MENARD
  • Matt DiPietro

    I really like the color shifts and controlled messiness of this piece. Great depiction of materials too. Fantastic work!

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    I really do like the painting on this piece. Your eye for texture and details is brilliant. Well done, that is why I voted gold for this piece! It was my pleasure seeing this piece in real at last years Painting Crusade.

    I enjoy seeing your “props” and “bronze” votes on many of my projects. Seems like you don’t like me or what I am doing ... I will not try to change that - such is life and life’s like that ... don’t worry I am not angry, I always have to laugh a bit when I see LeBen again vote for “props” ... weird world, eh?

    Maybe you did not know the following:
    If you got a Pro-account on P&P it is possible to see what others vote, but always remember votes are not that important and besides from your unusual and strange voting to my pieces I don’t know you at all, but it seems to be something personal, eh?

    Cheers and keep on happy painting!


  • LeBeN


    Making a vote is already a good thing for all exhibitors!
    Sometimes I think they do not need to vote and sometimes I think the work deserves a medal. Having Bronze is a very good thing, it’s better than nothing? Except perhaps on this site or maleureusement the vote may be harder than giving nothing ...
    At the Olympic Games bronze is already magical! ;-)
    I will not put gold every time I vote. Otherwise what’s the point?
    I knew the rules for PRO accounts. I’m not hiding to vote as I think.
    Now, I usually like your work, this is not to say that I will give the best score possible every time. No?
    I’m sorry.

  • Mariano del Olmo

    Gold! Really good job Leben! Best, Mariano