I'm happy to show you a new personal piece: The Spirit of the Forest. Beautifully sculpted by Olivier Villoingt. I felt in love with this bust when I saw it the first time. For me this creature shows a majestic, intelligent, quiet, wise and mystic atmosphere. All things that I also feel in old forests. That’s why I wanted to support this effect with my color scheme. I tried to go to a natural but also bit dark and cold color scheme. I still wanted to use decent highlights to make it interesting and standing out. For that I used brighter colors for the leaf in the beard, some shiny metal rings and the turquoise eyes.

Another important piece here was the frame. That was very needed to complete the whole piece. I thought a while if I could go with this one, because it’s maybe a little too big, but I like it for the moment.

It's a hard time for some of the last big nature forests. Thousands of fires in Siberia and Amazon. Home for millions of animals. I hope more people and policians can find the joy, importance and see the beautiful nature in these landscapes. Hopefully they also decide that it's worth to safe and keep them instead the one time profit. I know this is only a miniature, but yeah I wanted to lose a few words about this topic, because it's important for me and I also connected a little bit of that in the painting of this miniature.

Thanks for every vote or comment.

Best regards