Orc bust from Joaquin Palacios

I spent over 150+ hours on this piece.
(At some point I just stopped counting)
I started it last winter and completed only this month.
I partically reworked front side after finishing back side to keep them visually connected,
With this bust I continue my research on enviromental lighting design for figures. You could already see such kind of design on my dreadnought, previous year.
Technically this bust is more complex than dreadnought, because it had many different types of material: skin, leather, fur, stone, metall, bones and wood.
And each one of them had its own unique way of reflecting light.
Also rotating this bust in your hand You can see how warm day palette replaced by cold night.
At some part I took inspiration in impressionism to bring more life and dynamism into painting,

  • Kyle Maitland

    Loving your brushstrokes and the overall ‘illustrated’ look.  The palette change is beautiful

  • David Batista

    Sin duda un oro.

  • Jakob VPLUS

    Just incredible

  • Petar Knezović

    How this project did not get a gold is beyond me. It absolutely radiates with style.