Hello there! I'm really excited to publish the pictures of the very first box art i was commissioned for, this great sculpt by Bold Miniatures, to which i'm grateful for the chance given. Hope you will like her!
  • Sylvain_AubutPLUS

    Once again great paiting, congrats!!

    • RaTr

      thank you very much!!

  • Steve GarciaPLUS

    Love these colors, looks great!

    • RaTr

      Glad you likes it, thank you!!

  • Michel

    Waht a amzing paintjob! The Colors are fantastic!

    • RaTr

      Thanks! :)

  • eric wolfsPLUS

    Lovely piece.

    • RaTr

      thank you eric!

  • David Powell

    Lovely work!

    • RaTr

      Thank you very much David!

  • Martin Vermeulen (Nighthawk)

    Beautiful paintwork and a terrific miniature!

    • RaTr

      Thanks a lot for the kind words!

  • Mario "Aurelius" Ferreira

    Thank you again for lending us your talent! Beautiful

    • RaTr

      Pleasure was mine