Hello there!!! this is my version of the classic model from Joaquin Palacios.

This is the second model (after the primaris black templar) which I can say that this is my level of painting skill.

I really enjoyed and learned a lot with this big guy and from now on this is the minimum quality I will achieve in my future works.

Thank you and let me know what you think!!
  • David BatistaPLUS


  • Arnau LazaroPLUS

    Brutal tío, avanzas a pasos de gigante

    • ibaiminiaturasPLUS

      Gracias maestro, ya sabes quienes teneis gran culpa de esto ;-)

  • Jesús Gómez

    Esta genial. Oro por supuesto

  • Bran

    Superb !!

    • ibaiminiaturasPLUS

      Thank you so much!! I am really happy with it

  • pstockley

    Nice job!

  • Clive Jackson

    Very nice! Gold! (This one is in the ‘to do’ box but will be quite a while before I get to it!)

    • ibaiminiaturasPLUS

      Thank you so much Clive, I can’t wait to see your version

  • Perfect Tommy

    A great take on a great model! Gold for you!

  • Mariano del Olmo

    Another great work. Love the colorsa and everything, cape, nmm and flesh.