"Many years have passed since Peter Pan left Neverland.
Peter is now a young adult, a career man, he's married and he has two children.
During a Christmas holiday in London, Captain Hook, fervently searching his revenge, kidnaps Peter's children, forcing Peter to come back again to Neverlands.
When Peter arrives, he is forced to assume the mantle of the "child in greenish tights" to fight his last challenge against Captain James Hook, who wants to kill Peter at all costs.
So in a challenge to the death, Peter and Captain Hook face off.
And just as Captain Hook is about to mortally hit Peter, Tinkerbell stops his hand, giving Peter the chance to strike the final coup de grace to the terrible Pirate.
Inspired by the famous Steven Spielberg film "Hook" of 1991, this collector's piece tells us about the alternative ending to the death of the infamous Captain James Hook.
Three characters, a single bust, an epic end, to tell us the true end of Peter Pan's story."

Available from 5 to 7 December 2019
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