Elven Huntress
Elven Huntress
Elven Huntress
Elven Huntress

This is the result of a weekend of painting with some friends... and some detail painting afterwards. We all picked up the same bust, in this case "Elven Huntress" from Pegaso, and gave it our personal approaches. The mini is a nice sculpt with only some minor casting flaws.
What I found most tricky, is her raised shoulder. During painting and handling the young lady looks a bit unbalanced, but after you fix her on her base, she has right the body movement she is intended to have.

I have to say that I like painting male faces more, because a female face is so easily overdone and looks like "aunt Paul"... :)

Hope, you folks like her nevertheless

  • Kyle "Mr Lee" Cruickshank

    Great work here all the same mate! Love the attention you gave her!

  • Uli Wilke

    Thank you, Kyle.
    It is hard to give attention to other areas than… uhmmm… obvious ones :D

    Greetings to Turkey, mate!

  • Sebastian "Simon Moon" Reschke

    Looking good