A very nice flat to paint. It is my first comic figure i paint, i think it will be not the last.
I am painting with acrylics.
Comments are always welcome.
  • Bran

    Superb painting, the flat is beautiful !!

  • pit rehmke

    Hi Erich,
    Du weißt, ich habe Deine Arbeiten ja schon immer bewundert.
    Dies ist ein Meisterstück in der Maltechnik !!!

  • pstockley

    Very nice.

  • Marc MussatPLUS

    Great flat ! Do you know who makes ii ?

    • Erich_Strasser

      Sorry, it was a ebay buying many years ago. There exist figures in 35mm and this 54 figures, but i don’t know who made them or where you can can buy it.

  • Ioannis PapadakisPLUS

    Very good work !!!

  • Dirk R.

    Sher schöne Bemalung der beiden - toll !

  • Erich_Strasser

    Much thanks for the comments!

  • Archigrog

    Very nice! Gold for me!