The piece is inspired by a Devin Townsend Lyric - 'Reach out to the demon, but don't wake the demon' (The Contrarian). So the mind goes strange placed and we end up here, but that's alright, because 'its okay to be vulnerable'.

So here I stand before you, exposed. This will get some visceral reactions either way I'm sure. What's going on here though? I'd rather not tell you explicitly. Love or hate, thanks for taking the time to look.

The model is Morlok by Kimera, slightly converted. Heart was sculpted by me, as were the letters. Painted with Kimera Kolours, scale artist, golden/liquitex heavy body, Vallejo Metal Colours and scale fluorescents.

All metals are TMM. I often wonder if I should do anything to my photos aside from match the colour temperature to reflect reality (although I did play with the contrast on the UV shots to bring down the ambient light colour and focus in the other bits). All other shots are, effectively, as shot minus white balance correction.
  • Roman LappatPLUS

    This is so crazy and so unique and good! Love the idea and the execution! Not many will understand it!

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Editor’s choice from my end!

    • Kyle Maitland

      Wow…  I am completely gobsmacked Roman.  Thank you, for your kind words, and taking the time to look at it.  It is a… special piece for me.  Now more than ever.

  • pstockley

    I’ve got to give you props for the crazy ideas you come up with.

    • Kyle Maitland

      Thanks Paul,  hopefully I can keep up this level of creativity, maybe not so dark next time, but at least one of them is.

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"PLUS