The pipe player
The pipe player
The pipe player
The pipe player
Size: 17 cm
Date of completion: March / April 2009

Hello to you, the fauna of idle, pleasure-seekers, spirit dreamers to the unbridled imagination and sweet madness ...
With the jollifications of the summer ended, driving us away from the heart of all cities, we are ready to rejoin our figurines workshops for the winter.
This piece is inspired by the myth of the Pied Piper of Hamlin, a German tale that tells the story of a musician who charms the rats out of a city to drown. My Harlequin revisits this history and breaks the machines of war through his magic music. Very symbolic. And as the Creoles say "it's good for morale"

Its metal heart ticking like a clock.
His face smeared with white smoke
The mechanical masked by a layer of hundred pieces welded together,
Our musician travels the puzzle of his fate.
Equally colourful, he jumps, the flute to his mouth.
The music of this mime seems to speak to machines.
From acrobatic spins it leaves town infested
And by this stratagem causes monsters to break.

It appears sometimes ideas and unexpected developments while making this. So thank you to Sandrine Martin, William Allan, Stéphane, Raphaël for their ideas, tips, and their council.