Hi fellow painters!
This is one of the latest busts i had the pleasure to paint, a great sculpt by life miniatures. I tried this time a few new things that i want to understand, mostly about painting shadows in the main view without feeling it out of place and/or ugly (as you can see highlights are out of the main view, it was pretty hard to making it work, but i understood a lot) i think there is a lot to discover in this path, at least for me, and this is another exercice i did keeping this in mind.
Hope you like it and thanks for your support always!
  • pstockley

    I think it works, well done!

  • Ioannis Papadakis

    Ιncredible job!!!

  • Iván Moles "Stuka"

    Me encanta, como siempre un tremendo trabajo, los detalles de Pokémon… Me encantaaaan jajaja que bueno!!

  • ArtNiak

    pfffff. Insanely gold² piece of art.

  • Bran

    Cada creación aporta un toque de novedad ... Me gusta mucho esta iluminación rosa, se ve muy bien ... Como siempre, trabajo muy cuidadoso y atento, felicidades Arnau ;D

  • Mariano del Olmo

    Excellent Arnau!!

  • Dani DarkmetalPLUS

    Vaya locurón señor Arnau

  • Fabien DOUGNIER

    Gold of course !

  • Capoch

    Amazing, gold!

  • Martin Lavat


  • Muzafer Vaapov


  • Theren "Canny" Williams

    very cool!

  • FranNarváez