This guy was all ad-lib... I had no clue how I wanted to paint him, I just wanted to try free-handing a Nebula for his cosmic eye. I wanted to do the Cosmic Eye in the original Azathoth, but his giant eye was so "sleepy" looking, it just wasn't working out. I tried to make the nebula cloud highlight areas somewhat circular to suggest an iris. I do wish the eye sculpt didn't have gratuitous veins and an obvious bulge where the iris, forcing his gaze to be toward his left... but I had to just make due 'cause I'm not brave enough to shave off the veins and round off the iris to make a perfectly rounded eye.

The new Daemon Sultan faction will be a dark grey, so that became the starting point of my overall color scheme... so I just stuck with a very neutral base tone, warm shadows, and cool highlights.

And am I alone in thinking it looks like Azathoth is waving at you? lol