This guy was fun! Along with Brown Jenkin, I was really looking forward to painting this brute! He may be green, but there's something so satisfying with seeing a lot of purples and reddish browns on your palette. =) He's relatively big and contrast is a challenge for me the larger the model is... so I kind of pushed my comfort zones with this. Not much of a difference when compared to my smaller paint ups (contrast-wise), but there's just some weird mental block for me or something.

I was surprised how fast he went, given the size... I went back and forth on how to do his eyes, 'cause they're actually pretty difficult to see. I originally planned to make them glow orangey-yellow like the original Cthulhu, but Dire Cthulhu's eyes are so small and there's not a lot surrounding them to sell an OSL effect... ultimately I went with white, largely because it makes them easier to see on the model, haha.

Anyway, I've been thinking for a while now that I'd like to re-paint my original Cthulhu, as I feel like my skills have advanced enough to make a difference. It's interesting seeing them side-by-side, since I used similar colors. For now, I may just substitute Dire Cthulhu in for GC if we won't use him as an independent... just to see how board presence is, but beyond that, I've scratched my Want-To-Repaint-Cthulhu itch.
  • Clive Jackson

    Very ‘Lovecraftian’! Gold!

    • Paul Nojima

      Thanks! He was a lot of fun to paint… and I waited so long, heh.