this is one of the most difficult painted figure I ever limn...and I also wrote a step by step article!!! I'm insane

the step by step will be available by BigChild and Ammo, the book is called:

here and on my fb page @rustoart, you will see my photos with a dedicated background.
you can also found some photos on my personal book:
RUSTO art and craft show

send me a private message for info.

I'm not a big fan of red tones, cause it's not so easy to put some highlights, but I think I achevied it.

I suggest you to follow my fb page and insta, 'cause you will found a dedicated album with 30photos, and also photos behind the scenes of this article ;)

with this crazy project I won a special award by Pegaso Models at Monte San Savino, and I'm so happy and proud of it.
thanks a lot to the collector who brought him, I'm so honored it's in your place!

comments are always welcome! cheers