Golden Tywin
Conceptual piece in a genre "tone and gold". The title is mine :D Tonal monochrome oil painting and golden leaf gilding. The most gypsy Tywin Lannister ever been painted, I am sure :D Don't judge it as a common miniature, like "Metal does not have any shadows, glazes..." and everything you think it should have. I don't think that it should :) Just wanted to try out something new.
  • eric wolfs

    Original painting. That’s different, but still great. Great gold

    • Fesechko

      Thank you, Eric!!!

  • Josh_Underhill

    Very interesting idea and a nice way to do it - the impact of the gilding might have been lost in a more colourful piece.

    • Fesechko

      There is some kind of symbolism behind. Thank you, Josh!

  • Archigrog

    What idea! Very nice painting an great contrast…

    It remember me “IL COMMENDATORE” (from Mozart’s Don Giovanni opera)

    • Fesechko

      Wow, many thanks for this reference! My real inspirations lays down in Tarkovskiy movies and Gustav Klimt paintings. But I just searched for this opera. Real art!

  • Philippe

    Great, congratulations! Gold!

    • Fesechko

      Thank you, Philippe!

  • Alex ✍

    Great idea and execution ❤️

    • Fesechko

      Thank you, Alex!

  • Sergey PopovichenkoPLUS

    Золото за исполнение! Идея интересная.

    • Fesechko

      Спасибо, Сергей, не думал, что многие оценят... Хотелось чего-то другого...

  • pstockley

    Love the contrast between the gold and monochromatic parts.

    • Fesechko

      Many thanks!