Sleeping minotaur
Sleeping minotaur
My most important project of 2019.
As soon as i saw this mini on KS, I knew I have to create a diorama for it.
Here is the result.
I hope you like it.
  • Matteo

    Nice details! Love the story told!

  • Chris / g0rb

    I love this diorama, so much passion in this. That tree is stunning, and I love how this great big scary minotaur is surrounded by peaceful water, fish and butterflies. Gold!

  • Will “Sik Willy” Hahn

    you conveyed the tranquil mood on this perfectly, wonderful job! one of my favorites by you

  • Rhett “Saint Toad” Jenkins

    I want to visit there… when the minotaur is not around!

  • Jocelyn "Metalasmedium" GoyettePLUS

    J’aime beaucoup! Or!!