Il Cavaliere Del Graal
Le Chevalier Du Gral
The Knight of the Grail

Le Petit Soldat, Soldiers Model
Sculptor: Adriano Laruccia

Exceptional model! This sculpture has a great potential in terms of pathos!
There is an easter egg in the model in reference to a big movie! :)

Critiques and comments are super welcome.

Happy Painting!
  • PhilippePLUS

    Great job!

  • Renato

    Nice painting! and weathering of the white tones.

    • CtrlAltCancMinis

      Thank you Renato :) I really appreciate it

  • MatteoPLUS

    Great armour! Is it in white metal or resin?

    • CtrlAltCancMinis

      Thank you Matteo! It is white metal! The retail owner of a shop in Rome, suggested it, this piece is a commemorative edition of 2004.

  • Marc MussatPLUS

    nice !
    you could improve your base work a little (I never use the original box base)
    the white is very nice !
    the main shadow underneath the eyes lacj a bit of blending
    great metal as always !

    • CtrlAltCancMinis

      Thank you Marc! I agree I have to buy some basing materials for 54/75mm minis. I agree on the face too I have to improve :) endless journey.

  • fabrizio1969PLUS