It was 1715. The Golden age of piracy verged to a close. His name was Harry, from Bristol.
Under the rule of Her Majesty Queen Anne I Stuart he fought Spaniards and French in the War of the Spanish Succession. He got to West Indies with Admiral Benbow’s detachment. In the Caribbean Islands he obtained Letter of Marque. He gathered a team of desperate sea robbers and started hunting for Spanish ships. Harry was devilish lucky and got the nickname “Great Sea”.
But after the War of the Spanish Succession the English crown no longer needed the services of privateers. And he became a free pirate and declared war on everyone, started fighting for himself, his crew and his marine brotherhood. Confidently and hard. Hunting the rich merchant caravans of the Spaniards, the British, the French and the Dutch, he terrified the whole Spanish Main, raided across the Atlantic into the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea.
Commemorating the first captured English ship, Harry the Great Sea keeps a silver spoon with a monogram of detestable Anna I Stuart - the queen whom he served faithfully for so many years and who didn’t appreciate his merits.
He has a faithful friend who knew all his secrets... That was old as boatswain’s boots from Admiral Benbow’s squadron ship rat named Black Willie. And there were things to tell...
Year 1715. There is still life in the old dog yet and the wicks of pirate. Audacious sea robber he laughs the death in the face again: “Come on, let’s see who wins this time?”.